Training floorball rinks

  • A more affordable type of ROSCO rinks
  • A widely used type of rinks, especially suitable for schools and for training sessions

type of rinks

An ideal solution for schools and trainings

  • Any size playfield can be assembled from ROSCO rinks.
  • All ROSCO rinks consist of three types of parts – a 2-meter, a 1-meter and Corner part
  • The height of rink is 0,5 meter.
  • The parts are perfectly rectangular and balanced, there is no need for additional stabilizing elements.
  • The individual parts consist of a front impact shield, a base, an upper handle, two side parts and an elastic rope that secures the two parts together.
  • All rinks can be printed with advertising on both sides.
CategoryTypeIFF certificationWeight (2 m part)Weight (corner part)
TrainingSUPRA ECONOMYno9,8 kg10,5 kg
TrainingACTIVE ECONOMYno7,9 kg9,5 kg

Types of training rinks


  • Outdoor rinks (OUTDOOR)
  • With a stronger construction that guarantees better stability and resistance to weather effects compared to other rinks
  • Better stability is achieved thanks to an aluminum bar, two support bars and an improved connection method
  • Designed for schools and trainings


  • Indoor rinks (INDOOR)
  • More affordable option
  • The parts are made of polypropylene sheets with a lower weight
  • Designed for schools and trainings

The number of parts needed to assemble the playfield

PartPlayfield 40 x 20 mPlayfield 20 x 10 m
2 meter length52 pcs22 pcs
1 meter length4 pcs4 pcs
Corner4 pcs4 pcs
Transport trolley2 pcs1 pcs

We will calculate how many parts you need according to the required size of the playground.
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