Sports surfaces

They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor sports facilities and fields. Durable polypropylene combined with a grippy surface ensures stability and durability under all sports loads. The ideal surface for floorball, inline skating, and wheelchair sports. The wheels adhere perfectly to the surface, providing the necessary safety and stability. You can choose from many color options.

The warranty for ROSCO surfaces is 10 years.

ROSCO surfaces are a revolution in the world of sports surfaces. The innovative design together with the durable polypropylene material ensures a stable and comfortable surface for many different sports from floorball, soccer to inline skating. The structured surface made of triangles ensures 100% stability and grip for both shoes and wheels. 

The system is made up of 330 x 330 mm tiles that are joined by locks on the underside to create a smooth surface.

Available in many color variants for indoor (ROSCO INDOOR) and outdoor (ROSCO OUTDOOR) use.


Specially developed for indoor use. ROSCO INDOOR surfaces are suitable for indoor sports such as in-line hockey, floorball, basketball or even badminton. The INDOOR variant with a structured surface in the form of triangles will ensure comfortable use and 100% stability during any sport. At the same time, the smoothness of the surface does not prevent the puck or ball from sliding on the surface and thus ensures a full experience during all activities. You don’t have to worry that the puck or ball will deviate during the slide.


OUTDOOR tiles are suitable for universal sports use, especially outdoors. Solid Polypropylene creates an ideal bouncing surface for any ball. Large perforated areas ensure fast and reliable drainage of water from the surface and support its rapid drying. Thanks to this, ROSCO OUTDOOR becomes a safe surface for almost all outdoor sports. Thanks to the arrangement of the supporting bridges, the tile is able to effectively retain water on the surface under the tile and prevent it from quickly draining off the field. Thanks to its bridge system on the bottom of the tile, the surface can be laid directly on artificial cooling tile systems. In the summer it is used for summer sports and as a multi-purpose surface, and in the winter it freezes into ice.  In order to prevent excessive expansion and shrinkage during temperature fluctuations, special expansion tiles are placed in the area with OUTDOOR tiles, the edges can be covered with special leading edges.


Our company is a leading supplier of plastics in the Czech Republic, we have modern technologies for their processing and thanks to this we can offer the floorball community uniquely produced floorball guardrails and surfaces. We further process or recycle all unused material.