Floorball rinks

ROSCO rinks are suitable for every season. They can be used indoors and outdoors. We offer rinks for official floorball competitions, more economical options for training use and several types of special rinks – for field hockey, soccer and other sports. We also produce rinks intended for wheelchair users.

Features of ROSCO floorball rinks

IFF certified



and stable




  • Any size playfield can be assembled from ROSCO rinks.
  • All ROSCO rinks consist of three types of parts – a 2-meter, a 1-meter and a corner part
  • The height of the rink is 0,5 meter.
  • The parts are perfectly rectangular and balanced, there is no need for additional stabilizing elements.
  • The individual parts consist of a front impact shield, a base, an upper handle, two side parts and an elastic rope that secures the two parts together.
  • All rinks can be printed with advertising on both sides.
CategoryTypeIFF certificationWeight (2 m part)Weight (Corner part)
CompetitiveSUPRA IFFyes10,5 kg11,5 kg
CompetitiveACTIVE IFFyes8,1 kg10,2 kg
CompetitiveACTIVE IFF HAEVYyes8,9 kg10,2 kg
CompetitiveBLACKPIPE IFFyes8,1 kg10,3 kg
TrainingSUPRA ECONOMYno9,8 kg10,5 kg
TrainingACTIVE ECONOMYno7,9 kg10 kg


Rinks for competition, with IFF certification

The highest product line of ROSCO rinks. Suitable for all types of official floorball competitions. These rinks are certified by the International Floorball Federation (IFF) and guarantee high quality.

floorball rinks

floorball rinks

Rinks for training

A more affordable optiont of rinks. A suitable and widely used type of rinks in schools and training sessions.

ROSCO rinks – special types

Rinks for other sports – field hockey, football, roller hockey. We offer rinks in premium quality and also rinks for wheelchair users.

floorball rinks

ROSCO floorball rinks are made of high-quality solid polypropylene, which meets high demands for durability and stability.

The number of parts needed to assemble the playfield

PartPlayfield 40 x 20 mPlayfield 20 x 10 m
2 meter length52 pcs22 pcs
1 meter length4 pcs4 pcs
Corner4 pcs4 pcs
Transport trolley2 pcs1 pcs

We will calculate how many parts you need according to the required size of the playground.

For an individual offer, don´t hesitate to contact us: karolina.zakova@titan-multiplast.cz