Splitter set (playfield divider), goals, trolley, rubber ropes, …

Splitter (field divider)

  • A set of rinks which allows you to divide a 40x20m field into 2 or 3 smaller fields
  • Splitter set is compatible with ROSCO ACTIVE, BLACKPIPE and SUPRA rinks
  • Set for dividing into 2 fields contains 10 parts of the splitter
  • Set for dividing into 3 fields contains 20 parts of the splitter
  • Made of polypropylene
  • White/black
  • It is possible to order a diagonal corner, which replaces the standard corner

Into 2 or 3 smaller playing areas

Other accessories

  • Junior goal
    floorball goal 120×90 cm, including black nets
  • Small training goal
    floorball goal 90×60 cm, including black nets
  • Mini training goal
    floorball goal 60×45 cm, including black nets
  • HD goal
    floorball goal 1160×115 cm, including white net
  • Transport trolley
    steel trolley for transporting rinks
  • Rubber rope
    for connecting rinks