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Floorball Rink Rosco SUPRA now IFF certificated.

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Welcome to Rosco floorball rink website

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Each starting floorball club reachs the point, when floorball rinks are necessary. We are here to help you to advance on next level. Our company is providing floorball boards to major floorball countries all over the world since 2002. Our clients are mainly schools, floorball clubs and sport resellers.

We offer IFF certificated floorball rinks with splitter system for more playing fields, economy rinks for schools and wheelchair rinks

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  • Floorball rinks: Technical specifications and all other necessary rink information.
  • Floorball goals: Information about floorball goals and their versions.
  • Floorball accessories: Various accessories for shooting and goals adjustments.
  • Other products: Information about floorball sticks and other products.
  • References: References list till 2010. Ask for later entries directly.
  • Certificates: We are holder of IFF certificates for floorball rinks and floorball goals - see the documents.
  • Contacts: Have you decided to make an order? Or do you have any other question? Click the contacts.
  • About us: Do you want to know info about our company? This is the right link.

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