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Floorball Rink Rosco SUPRA now IFF certificated.

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 Floorball accessories for shooting.


We are offering various shooting accessories for floorball

Rosco floorball re-bound passer

  • The ball re-bound passer allows to practice and make better ball control and shooting.
  • Material: plastic - polypropylene


Click to see the ball-passer in action

Rosco floorball re-bound goalie

  • Helps you to practice accurate shooting even without a goalie
  • Advantage against textile products: re-bounds the ball back to player
  • Material: plastic - polypropylene ( 1 piece sheet or 2 half pieces)
  • Colour options: white and black


Click to see the re-bound goalie in action

Rosco floorball goal resizer

  • The goal lowerer is used mainly in junior or lower competition where goal with lower height is required to play with.
  • Material: plastic polypropylene


Click to see the goal-resizer in action

Note:By training the players can combine all above products.